How YOU can make a difference through "Million Pounds of Food"

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The word is out - Amazing press conference. Canadians have heard it, time to make hunger history!



Lets Make Hunger History!

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The “Million Pounds of  Food” campaign is a nationwide initiative started by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, the largest organized Muslim youth group of its kind in Canada. The objective of this campaign is to work with Muslim youth across the country to raise one million pounds of food to feed the needy in Canada.


The “Million Pounds of Food” campaign was initiated with the goal of bringing attention to the issue of hunger in Canada on a large scale and make a real difference in lives of lesser fortunate Canadians by working in collaboration with local charities to make an impact at the grass root level. The dream is to start something that puts us on a path to tangibly, practically, end hunger in Canada. Hunger in Canada is real, and a serious problem. It’s time to talk about that problem and do something about it. Let’s Make Hunger History.

Let's Make Hunger History

"Let's Make Hunger History"



Your contributions are making a huge impact, and hungry Canadians all across the country are thanking you for it. It sometimes flies under the radar, hunger is a harsh reality that exists among a significant segment of Canadians. Every dollar that you donate, is helping to alleviate hunger in Canada and is making a real difference in the lives of your fellow Canadians.


As Canadians, we are all in this together, and our values are built on the precept of helping one another.


As Canadians we are known throughout the world for our generosity and our compassion .By donating towards this cause you are playing your part in upholding these great Canadian values.



Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, the largest organized Muslim youth group of its kind in Canada, endeavours to put Muslim youth on a constructive path, by empowering them to make a positive and significant difference in society

With local chapters all across Canada, AMYA seeks to abide by the Quranic teachings of peace, tolerance and service to mankind, and seeks to foster these noble ideas into the hearts and minds of youth

As instructed by the Holy Prophet of Islam, “Loyalty to one’s homeland is a part of faith”, as such AMYA strives to instill these true Islamic values of service to mankind and country through its commitment to organizing humanitarian campaigns across Canada





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